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Citadel provides precious metal storage services for Individual Investors and Investment Advisors, their Companies and their Clients. Citadel has created a precious metals management software system to serve both Individual Investors and their Advisors. Our management software "Precious Metals Manager" helps Investment Advisors manage precious metal holdings and keep these Assets Under Management under your control.

All precious metal holdings in Citadel are always fully allocated to the accountholder and fully segregated from every other customer. Citadel stores precious metal products with Brink's, a name that has been synonymous with security for more than 150 years. All storage is held at a Brink's high-security facility. In addition, all of our customers' accounts and their individual asset holdings are monitored by a nationally-recognized accounting and auditing firm.

The "Precious Metals Manager" allows Investment Advisors to store or ship precious metal products quickly and accurately, and to manage the holdings in each of their Investors' accounts. Advisors can create a virtually unlimited number of Investor Accounts. An important feature is the ability to accurately and currently value the many thousands of different precious metal coins and bars that are stored in our database. All prices are automatically updated daily but they can also be updated more frequently on demand. The account management feature records all transactions, whether storage or shipment, and has proprietary safeguards built into the system for safety and security.

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Companies may set up a Corporate Account, multiple Branch Accounts (if needed), multiple Advisor Accounts and a virtually unlimited number of Individual Investor Accounts. The Branch Accounts will be linked to the Company Account. Advisor Accounts will be linked to the Company Account and/or the pertinent Branch Account. Whether you are part of a major Wall Street firm or an owner of a boutique Investment Advisory, Citadel can help you store, protect and manage your customers' precious metal holdings.

Click the "Create a Free Account" on the banner above and then follow the instructions to visit the Advisor platform. Or call 1-888-518-7596 and a specially-trained Citadel Customer Service Representative will answer all of your questions and help you establish your Company Account.