Trusted Depository Services

Citadel Global Depository Services offers our customers a first-class, secure storage solution, providing one the most modern security services in the marketplace. Citadel also provides supplementary services such as monthly and transactional reporting and auditing.


Brink's Global Services U.S.A., Inc. is the exclusive provider of secure storage of Citadel's products for its domestic customers. Because the precious metals depository is within Brink's secure facilities, the vaulting and inventory expertise is unparalleled and backed by the most trusted name in the industry.

A global leader in secure logistics and security solution, Brink's brings more than 150 years of experience in protecting cash, precious metals and other valuables. By utilizing their cutting-edge technology, coupled with their dedicated professionals, Brink's manages the domestic storage for Citadel. Additionally they ensure each of their customer's precious metals are allocated to their own account and physically segregated from other accounts.

Founded on trust and reputation, Brink's delivers quality through innovative technology, value-added solutions and streamlined operations.


Citadel customers receive volume-discounted rates versus independently-contracted rates. Our rates are highly competitive within the industry.

Insurance Services

Not only are your holdings securely vaulted, but all Citadel accounts are protected against theft or physical loss.

Accounting Services

Citadel accounts are randomly audited by a major national independent accounting firm, Grant Thornton, LLP.

Detailed Reporting

Citadel customers have access to real time reporting of all transactions and precious metal inventory with up to the minute valuation. Customers will receive confirmations every time a transaction is completed. Click here to see a sample of a confirmation report and inventory holdings.


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Brink's name and logo are used with permission from Brink's Network, Incorporated.