Frequently Asked Questions

Citadel Global Depository Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the APMEX, Inc. Citadel offers our clients a safe, secure and economical method of storing your precious metal purchases, through an exclusive arrangement with Brink's.

A Glossary of commonly-used terms is also provided for your convenience.

1) How does storage with Citadel work?

When you purchase precious metals from APMEX, you will be offered the option to store your newly-purchased products with Citadel. If you choose the storage option, you are directed to the Citadel website ( where you either create a new Citadel account or log into your existing Citadel account. You select the products to be stored with Citadel and, once payment has been satisfied, APMEX ships the products directly to Citadel. On your behalf, Citadel then ships the products to a designated secure location where they will be stored by one of the world's leading secure storage providers.

2) What are some of the advantages of storing my precious metal products with Citadel over other types of storage and companies?

Citadel offers many advantages over other types of storage and over its competitors. As opposed to storing in a bank safe deposit box, your holdings stored with Citadel are fully protected against physical loss, damage, theft or other liabilities. Unlike banks where your access may be subject to rules and limitations imposed by the government, Citadel has a storage agreement with a private company that is a global leader in security solutions.

Other competitors want you to rely upon their own statements that your assets will be secure with their organization. Only Citadel utilizes the services of Brink's a fully independent, third-party company for the actual storage of your valuable precious metals. This exclusive alliance provides reassurance to you that your assets are secure. Brink's has been a leader in the safe and secure storage and transportation of physical precious metals for more than 150 years!

3) I am an Investment Advisor. Can I create accounts for my Clients for storage at Citadel?

Yes. As an Investment Advisor, you can set up a Company Account, as well as a single or multiple Branch Accounts for all of your Branch Offices. These Branch Accounts will be linked to your Company Account. Then under the Company or specific Branch Account, you can set up Advisor Accounts for each of your Investment Advisors. Finally, each Advisor can set an Investor Account for each of your Individual Investors. You, as the Advisor, have complete control over the transactions in these accounts as well as a varied menu of reporting. Citadel helps you manage all of your Investors'' Precious Metal Accounts and control your Assets Under Management. Please contact a Citadel Representative at 888-518-7596 to set up a Company Account for your Investment Advisory Company.

4) Can I order products from APMEX for storage and also for delivery to me?

Yes. You can have some products stored at a secure storage facility and you can also have products delivered to the address you choose. However, you will have to complete separate orders as storage requests cannot be combined with delivery requests on the same purchase.

5.) What does it cost to ship my products through Citadel to a storage facility?

There is no shipping charge for APMEX customers to send their products to our Citadel storage facility. There will be a shipping charge and handling fee when you decide to take physical delivery of those products. There is no shipping charge if you sell those products back to APMEX.

6) Where are my products stored if I choose the storage option with Citadel?

Your precious metal products are stored in an account managed by Citadel, at a secure location operated by Brink's Global Services U.S.A., Inc., a global leader in secure logistics and security solutions. For security reasons we cannot divulge the exact location of any depository used by Brinks to store your metals. The main depository that Citadel uses is not in a major metropolitan area.

7) Are my products safe in storage with Citadel?

Yes. The security of your products is of the utmost concern for Citadel, which is why we have entered into an exclusive agreement partnered with a company whose name and reputation are synonymous with security.

8) Will my holdings ever be co-mingled with any other customers' products?

No! The storage of all customers' products is completely segregated and fully allocated to an individual sub-account. No products belonging to other customers are ever co-mingled with your products for any reason. Our customers' holdings are not assets of Citadel Global Depository Services and, therefore, are your separate assets.

9) How can I track the assets that I have in storage with Citadel?

As a Citadel account holder, you can view your current holdings and all of your transactions at any time on the Citadel website ( Simply log into your personal Citadel account and view your inventory. You will see a list of your holdings as well as a graphic presentation of how your holdings breakdown among metal types.

10) Once I have set up an account with Citadel, how can I change any account information I originally provided?

It is very easy to change the Account Information on your Citadel Account. Simply log into your account and then click on the "Profile" tab. There you will be able to change your email, password, the security questions and your answers to them, the First Name and Last Name on your account, your Billing Information, your Shipping Address Information, and change or edit the Credit Card that you have on file to pay your storage fees.

11) How do I pay my storage fees to Citadel?

A.) Credit Card

The easiest and simplest way is to enter a credit card on the profile page of your account. Once a valid credit card has been entered you do not need to do anything further. Your card will automatically be billed each quarter for the amount of your storage fee invoice. We will advise you should your card need to be updated. This data is not visible to Citadel, APMEX or Brinks at anytime and is protected through encryption.

B) Check

If you prefer to pay by check, simply make a check payable to:


226 Dean A. McGee Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73102


C) Other


You may contact a Citadel Customer Service Representative toll-free at 888-518-7596 to make a one-time credit card payment or if you prefer to pay by bank wire. A Citadel Customer Service Representative will be happy to provide you with the most current information.

Your storage fees will not commence until your products have reached the Depository.

12) What types of products does Citadel store for customers?

Citadel is pleased to store all types of gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins, bars or rounds that are sold by APMEX. These products will be stored in a safe and secure location and completely segregated from the assets of other clients.

13) What does it cost to store my products with Citadel?

Simply put, the annual storage fee for approximately $33,000 or less in value is only $15.00 a month, which is our minimum fee. That monthly fee is comparable to the cost of an uninsured safe deposit box at your local bank.  For $50,000 of assets the monthly storage fee is about $23.00 a month.

To determine your annual cost to store your products with Citadel be advised that the annual storage fee is 55 basis points (.55%) per year. The monthly charge is 1/12th of the 55 basis points. The fee is based on the Average Market Value (as quoted by APMEX on its website - of the items stored, or fifteen dollars ($15.00) per month - whichever is greater. This fee will be calculated on a quarterly basis and can be paid with your credit card. The cost to store and insure your precious metal products with Citadel is less than many other options available to investors who do not wish to take physical possession of their precious metals. For example, if you store less than $32,727.27 worth of products, you will pay only $15.00 per month for this secure and insured storage.

14) I just made a purchase from APMEX and chose to store it with Citadel. How long will it take before it displays on my Citadel account?

Once APMEX has received good funds it generally takes 2-3 days to ship the products to Citadel. From there, the products are shipped to the Citadel vault facility at a secure Brinks' location.  Brinks will check-in your items and complete the transaction. Once Brink's has checked in your items, the transaction will display on your Citadel account.

You will not pay any storage fees until the item(s) display on your account.

15) What do I do when I want to withdraw my products from Citadel and take physical possession of my precious metals?

To withdraw your products all you need to do is notify Citadel through its website that you wish to make a withdrawal and Citadel will arrange to have it delivered to the person and address that you specify.  For your protection, you will be required to provide certain security elements, such as your personally selected PIN number, to validate this transaction.

16) How much does it cost to ship my products from the storage facility in the event I want to take physical delivery of the products I have stored with Citadel?

The standard handling fee is fifty dollars ($50.00) per package for domestic shipments or seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per package for international shipments, plus all applicable insurance, postage and other courier charges. Your actual shipping costs may be higher depending on the amount and value of the products that you are shipping. If you choose to sell your holdings back to APMEX all shipping fees will be waived.

We do not recommend that you ship your products to a third-party business, such as a UPS store. FedEx store, or Mailboxes, etc. store as once your products have been delivered there they will no longer be covered by our delivery insurance. You will be relying on an outside company to safely and securely hold your precious metal assets. It is always more reliable to send them to your personal address or to a Post Office box maintained by the United States Postal Service.

17) Can I sell the precious metals I have in storage with Citadel directly back to APMEX?

Yes.  When you're ready to sell your precious metals back to APMEX just log into your Citadel account and determine which products you would like to sell. Then call APMEX toll-free at 800-375-9006 (option #2) and tell an APMEX Purchasing Agent that you wish to sell some products stored at Citadel. You will be quoted the current price and be able to lock in that price. You can then simply confirm the sale of these items from storage with Citadel by calling a Citadel Customer Service Representative toll-free at 888-518-7596. It is a fast and simple process with no shipping costs involved.

18) Are my products protected if I store them with Citadel?

Yes. All products stored with Citadel are fully protected against physical loss, theft, or damage at all times, while stored in the Depository. This is a significant advantage over storing your precious metals in a bank safe deposit box, where the contents are unknown and uninsured by the bank. Additionally, we store them in a facility run by a private company so your assets are held outside the banking system.

19) Does Citadel provide me with reports of my stored holdings?

Yes. Citadel provides you with electronic confirmations of all of your transactions - both storage requests (deposits) and shipment requests (withdrawals). Most importantly, the market value of your assets is updated daily. By storing at Citadel you will always know the exact market value of your precious metals in storage.

You may also log into your personal storage account online at any time and view your transactions as well as your current holdings. Citadel provides you with a current snapshot of your account, a breakdown of your holdings by metal type, along with all of your account transaction history.

20) I have previously purchased products from APMEX. Can I store those as well?

Yes. Please contact a Citadel Customer Service Representative toll-free at 888-518-7596 for information regarding the costs and procedures to be followed for storing previously purchased items.

21) I own precious metals products that I purchased elsewhere. Can I store those at Citadel?

Yes. Please contact a Citadel Customer Service Representative toll-free at 888-518-7596 for information regarding the costs and procedures to be followed for storing previously purchased items.

22) How do I open an account with Citadel?

There are two ways to open a free Individual Investor Citadel account. Either make a new purchase from APMEX and choose the option to store the products; or, go directly to the Citadel website at and follow the instructions you see online.

To open a Citadel Investment Advisor or Company Account, please contact a Citadel Customer Service Representative at 888-518-7596.

23) I have questions about opening a Citadel account. Who should I call?

Call 1-888-518-7596, toll-free, to speak with a knowledgeable Citadel Customer Service Representative who will help guide you through the process. Once you open your Citadel account, these same Representatives will gladly assist you with any questions or requests.

24) I have questions about buying additional products from APMEX. Who should I call?

Call 1-800-375-9006 and speak with a highly-trained and knowledgeable APMEX Account Manager who will be pleased to answer all of your questions. Account Managers are available from Monday through Friday from 7Am through 5PM (CT).  You may also use the APMEX Live Chat feature during those same hours. You can also read or download the Citadel Brochure.

Citadel Brochure